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The Acclaimed Reveal Why They Decided To Sign With AEW, & More



During a recent interview with Busted Open Radio, The Acclaimed commented on their decision to sign with AEW, working on AEW Dark, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

Max Caster on AEW signing them and trying to appeal to the 18-35 audience: “That’s why I think guys like us are here. Anthony is basically a walking meme account. I make diss tracks every single match. Nobody else is doing that, nobody else would think of that. So, Tony Khan sees that in us. Of course, think about that – he signs guys like us, he puts on great matches – Tony Khan booker of the year. Am I right? We’re a young company, and we have a lot of new faces, us included. We are just bringing it into the future. We want to see wrestling grow, and this is what we’re doing. This is what we have to do. I make tracks, he makes faces, and we both put on really great matches.”

Anthony Bowens: “I think that’s the exciting part is we’re almost coming in on the ground floor. Dynamite has only been around for a year or so. We’re excited to be a part of a company to help build it and continue to grow over the years, and that’s super exciting for us.”

Anthony Bowens on the benefits of working on AEW Dark: “I think AEW does a very good job of that – of providing not only contracted talent, but independent talent opportunities to perform at a high level on a grand stage. I agree, wrestling on YouTube, anyone in the world can just turn on their computer and click a button and watch you perform. Any kind of opportunity that is afforded to you is an opportunity for you to expand your audience and have a lot of eyes on you, and I think the company does a great job with that.”

Max Caster: “If you treat it like it’s Dynamite – if you sit there and say, ‘OK, I have a match on Dark’ and maybe it’s against an extra talent and are you’re like well I want to wrestle a top team. Well, you have to work for it. And we know that, especially as guys that have never teamed before. We’re taking this opportunity and loving it because we need to build that chemistry in the ring. We’ve built chemistry outside the ring, but building that chemistry in the ring is important, and that’s why I’m so thankful for Dark and just getting in there and putting on these matches – they’re all great, and everybody loves them. So, I’ll be on Dark, and I have no problem being on Dark. One day it’ll lead to something big being on Dynamite and then even bigger than that.”

Max Caster on their decision to sign with AEW despite interest from other companies: “We did have other options. That was something that was very real and very aware to us. But we met with Tony and he really blew us away. He really sold us on the idea of a tag team, especially as two singles wrestlers – who have just built their whole career and their whole learning process on singles wrestling – to say, ‘We want you guys in a tag team, something neither of you guys do on a regular basis.’ He was a great salesman, and he sold us on it. I couldn’t be happier with the decision. AEW is a great company and it’s a great place to work. Everybody is really, really nice and really, really accommodating to us…..it’s like OK, I’m happy to be here, but now I’m past that. I need to be working towards the top, and that’s where we’re at right now. We are the Acclaimed for the reason, and that’s because we do come with a lot of acclaim. Tommy [Dreamer] just said – Impact was considering us. Other places were considering us. So, we pick AEW, I think we found the perfect name from Tony, and yeah, we’re working towards the top here.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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