​The Ascension’s Konnor Sidelined With A Jaw Injury, WWE Spotlights “National Bird Day”, Vince


WWE.com has a new poll up asking fans which other major sporting event WWE Chairman Vince McMahon should officiate. The Super Bowl currently has a large lead. You can vote on the poll at this link.

WWE.com also posted a video playlist of “The Birdman” Koko B. Ware to celebrate “National Bird Day” on Tuesday. Yes, there is a such thing as “National Bird Day”.

Wednesday night’s WWE NXT broadcast was another “Best of 2015” episode. WWE NXT tapes TV tonight from FSU.

The Ascension’s Konnor is currently sidelined with a jaw injury. It appears to be a dislocated jaw but that is not confirmed as of this writing.

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