The Bella Twins/Maria Kanellis Feud Continues + Brawler Note


— WWE agent/producer The Brooklyn Brawler surveyed fans on Twitter this morning about their favorite SummerSlam moment of all-time.

— The official WWE website currently has a poll asking fans which former Diva they would most like to see return to the company. Not listed among the choices is Maria Kanellis, who has claimed in recent weeks through Twitter that the Bella Twins blocked her from returning the organization earlier this year. Despite not being listed in the poll, she acknowledged it on Twitter with the following message, “Awesome!! Haha… @WWE I’m with @ringofhonor now!! #ROH.” She then stated that she voted for Victoria in the poll.

Meanwhile, Kanellis will be live-tweeting during the series premiere of Total Divas tonight at 10:00 p.m. on E!. In reference to a video that surfaced online of Nikki Bella asking John Cena about marriage on the reality show, Kanellis stated on Friday, “I love watching women beg for a ring. Haha…”

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