The Bella Twins Say They Have One Last Run In Them, Want The Women’s Tag-Team Titles


The Bella Twins appeared on The Tamron Hall Show earlier this week and commented on a possible return to WWE, and more. You can check out some highlights from their appearance below:

Brie Bella on a possible return to the ring: “So, Nikki and I, when we left, the women’s tag team titles came, and we were like, ‘Wait a second. Those titles are for the Bella Twins. How’d they come after us?’ So, Nikki and I said we definitely have one more last run in us. It’s not anytime soon. We’d kind of like to do it in a couple years is what we’re feeling because we’d like our boys to be two [years old] and watch us.”

Nikki Bella on wanting to see their kids ringside while they perform: “That would be the dream to see them ringside as we compete.” Brie on the tag team titles being on their bucket list: “But on the Bellas’ bucket list, it’s to go for those tag titles. So, it’s definitely, we hope, in our future. I mean, we gotta let Vince [McMahon] okay that, but we do both want to go for it.”

Nikki on having one run left in them: “Yeah, and we both felt like our last run, we felt like that’s not what we want to end on, like our careers officially. We just have that one more left in us.”

Brie on not being able to go it again without Nikki: “Yeah, and I just, there’s no way I could do it without Nikki. The one thing I always loved about our careers and everything we do in life is that we do it together. It makes life so much more fun. I mean I’ve been able to travel around the world wrestling with her. I get to do all these business ventures with her.”

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