The Bella Twins Say They Learned About Their WrestleMania 37 Segment The Night Before


During the latest edition of “The Bellas Podcast”, Nikki and Brie Bella commented on their WrestleMania 37 segment with Bayley, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Brie Bella on learning about their segment for Night 2: “We got a call to do something with Hogan, Titus, and Bayley. It was really cool because we were like, ‘Yes, we would love to do something.’ Then, we got to the building and they were like, ‘You’ll be on right before the main event.’”

Nikki Bella on getting the call about it the night before: “We get the call the night before that they’d like us [to do the segment] on Sunday night. I remember just going, ‘I don’t have anything to wear.’”

Nikki Bella on Titus O’Neil: “I want to give a last shoutout to someone who I think it so special to our company. He always amazes me and has such a big heart. Titus O’Neil. He did such an incredible job hosting. He’s such a class act. He’s so positive and always making you laugh. I really love that guy. All he wants to do is do good.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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