The Bella Twins To Mexico, Mysterio’s WWE Return?, More


Partial Source: Pwinsider

— The Bella Twins are en route to Mexico City for some WWE promotional work.

Devin Cutting sent this one in: WWE RAW returns to Columbus, Ohio on November 12th for a RAW Supershow. Tickets go on sale today and the pre-sale password is WWERAW.

— As we noted earlier this week, Rey Mysterio may end up with the final spot on Team Long at WrestleMania 28. There was talk at this week’s TV tapings of making the Team Long vs. Team Laurinaitis match an Elimination Match. Some are concerned that would take up too much time though.

— As we noted earlier, WrestleMania 28 may just end up being a 7 match card as officials want to leave enough time for the main events as well as backstage vignettes and promos for The Rock. Word is that The Rock will be given as much time as he wants for his promos and segments building to the main event. Officials have announced few matches for the card with just two weeks to go because they wanted to make sure they have enough time cleared for the top matches. Triple H vs. Undertaker, CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho and The Rock vs. John Cena all have 25-30 minutes set aside. The early word as we noted earlier is talk that Hell in a Cell will be in the middle of the event with The Rock vs. John Cena going on last and possibly Punk vs. Jericho opening the show. Of course, that could change.

— Mattel will be releasing the first WWE action figures for Sin Cara and Hunico soon. Hunico appears in his fake Sin Cara attire.

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