The Bella Twins vs. Clay’s Girls?, Reks At WrestleMania?, Mo


–Tyler Reks is campaigning for a spot on “Team Long” at WrestleMania 28. Reks tweeted the following: “Teddy, me & @TheCurtHawkins want on ur team! We’ve been on RAW for a year and the only match we’ve had is w/ Brodus. Not cool, Johnny. #RAW” Good luck with that!

— The Rock tweeted the following after RAW last night: “Cleveland – thank U for an unforgettable & record setting night. Biggest sell out crowd in WWE history. #RockConcert2012.”

— Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins vs. Alex Riley and Percy Watson is scheduled for this week’s WWE NXT, taping tonight in Columbus, Ohio.

— The Bella Twins think that Brodus Clay’s dancers are wannabes. They tweeted the following last night during RAW: “Looks like Brodus Clay’s girls are stealing the Bella Pose up on the ring… #bellawannabes”

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