The Big Show Discusses The Longevity For His Career, Wanting To Face Keith Lee


The Big Show recently spoke with “WWE Now India” and commented on his career, and more. You can check out some highlights below:

On his longevity for his career: “Somebody said to that to me months ago. ‘Big Show has been performing for four decades!’ I was just like, I had to take a breath and go, ‘Wow. Okay. Yeah. That’s true.’ My approach has always been about being dependable and being universal. Everything can’t be about yourself to be successful and to have a long career. Sure, you have to take the opportunities that you’re given and make the most out of them, but also, it’s about supporting other talent and bringing other talent along. So for me, I think my willingness to try anything and my willingness to be dependable and my willingness to help others succeed is why I’ve been around so long.”

On if he wants to face Keith Lee: “Keith has a ton of momentum behind him right now. I think he’s a tremendous competitor. I think if there was an opportunity for me to step in the ring and help Keith on his journey in some way, shape or form, I’d love to do. Plus, he’s got a good chest for chopping.”

On the best advice he got in the business: “I would say one of the earlier pieces of advice I got was from the legendary Big Boss Man, Ray Traylor. I had been in the business about six months, maybe, and this is when I was with WCW. I was going into the gym as he was coming out and we talked for a bit. He was a super nice guy. He said, ‘Kid, I’m going to tell you something. Be nice to everyone and be humble on the way up because you meet the same people on the way down.’ And he’s right because no one stays on top forever. That mountain top is always changing. So, if you’re rude and a jerk on the way to the top, there’s going to be no support for you when you have to step aside for someone else whenever that time comes. And that’s strong advice for treating everyone else the way you want to be treated. That and Macho Man Randy Savage used to tell me all the time, ‘Keep that credit card in your wallet, and don’t try to run with the Jones. Save your money, kid.’ So, that was Macho Man all the time. I think Macho Man still had his tooth fair money. He was very frugal, extremely frugal.”

On his plans after he retires from the ring: “Knowing me, if I retire from WWE, competing in the ring, I’ll still be involved somehow. Either helping young Superstars behind the scenes, or I’ll roll into some kind of project that stays busy. I’m a what’s today, what’s tomorrow kind of guy. I don’t look into the past. You can’t change the past. You can learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them. But living in past glories or past accolades limits you from creating any new memorable moments. So, my attitude is always one of onward and upward. What’s today. What’s tomorrow. What are are going, what are doing? It will be something fast paced and something positive, for sure because I can’t sit still.”

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