The Big Show Praises Randy Orton For Embracing Leadership Role, Wanting To Help Younger Talent


During a recent interview with The Wrap, The Big Show commented on wanting to help younger talent, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On wanting to help younger talent: “So long as I’m able to contribute and have fun, I’m in. But at the same time, it depends on the storylines and the creativity. If there’s an opportunity that makes sense, absolutely, I’m here to help out. If I could help get some of the younger talent on their way in the execution of my duties, I’m happy to do it.”

On being used as a special attraction: “If you saw me every week on TV as a bodyguard it would water down the experience. Part of me and now what I’m doing is– I’m more of an attraction now, so seeing me here and there. If Big Foot cuts through your backyard once in a while, that’s me.”

Speaking of The Big Show, he also spoke with Sports Illustrated. During the interview, he commented on Randy Orton embracing his leadership role, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On Randy Orton: “Randy has that perfect combination of looks, size, athletic ability. He’s also a third-generation performer, so that knowledge and psychology is soaked into his DNA. As a kid, he’d sit at the dinner table and listen to his dad, ‘Cowboy’ Bob, and Randy didn’t even realize the knowledge he was absorbing. Ever since I met Randy, I could tell there was something different about the kid. You just knew this guy was a main-event player. Now when you have that kind of success early in your career, sometimes that’s a good thing, but sometimes it’s a bad thing. Randy struggled with it. As wonderful and easy that Randy made everything look, it’s now that he is firing on all cylinders. His promos have been off-the-charts the past few months, and he really believes in what he’s doing. Randy has stepped up. I’ve always said that Randy is not John Cena. I used to call Cena ‘Captain America.’ He wanted to work hard and be the leader. Randy always wanted to be the best in the ring, but he didn’t want to be a leader. So that’s the biggest difference I’ve seen. Randy has embraced that leadership role. His presence in the ring and his presence backstage is much bigger and much more concrete than I’ve ever seen.”

On which young talent he thinks can make it to the top in WWE: “There are a couple guys where I see unlimited potential, and I saw it firsthand when I had a tag match against them a couple weeks ago. Andrade and Angel Garza, there is so much potential there. Garza’s got a lot of fire, and you could see that a couple weeks ago when Randy jacked him up against the headboards. Then he got back in the ring and looked great. Garza’s got size, he’s athletic, he’s good looking, those things all translate to becoming a top guy. I watched Becky Lynch put in years that no one else on the roster had. I remember watching her live event matches, and she took every one of those matches to another level. Without saying a word, you could see her struggle and fight to win a match. That’s what helps you become a top talent. Andrade and Garza have those intangibles. They have a lot going for them, so we’ll see what happens.”

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