The Big Show Says He Was Concerned That The New Day Would Ruin Kofi Kingston’s Career, More


During a recent appearance on The New Day’s “Feel the Power” podcast, The Big Show commented on originally thinking The New Day would ruin Kofi Kingston’s career, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his initial concerns about Kingston being in the New Day: “I have to eat my own words, so it’s okay. Because of who’s involved, I will gladly eat my own words because I’ve never been so happy to be wrong in my life. I’ve seen Kofi come in from FCW, all the poor things Kofi went through and how he strived. And his athleticism, his commitment to be better, his commitment to being dependable and solid. I saw him working in that championship role. He was getting there, Intercontinental Champion. Move up to Heavyweight Champion. And then there’s these two guys I don’t know. One looked like he tipped over my bus on the way in, and ate a cow somewhere in between. And then this other guy is running around with a trombone … running around with a trombone, playing tunes and acting like he’s lost his mind. And I’m like, ‘No!’ Because I’m thinking Three Man Band. ‘No one is going to come out well in this. This is not going to work.’ And mind you, I hadn’t seen it in front of a crowd, this is just what I saw backstage.

On advising Kingston not to be part of the group: “So I pulled my friend Kofi discreetly to the side … Maybe it was a foot and a half to the side. But we all know how I am with business, because of the way business was taught to me, I translate business the same way. When it’s business, you can’t beat around the bush, you can’t sugarcoat. You have to be direct. Like I told Kofi, I said, ‘You know, man you’re on your way to being a champion. Like, being a contender and getting that big title. You don’t want to run around with these two *****. I mean, I get it, you want to do something, you’re in a lull right now. But these two ***** aren’t going to get you over. And I love you man, I just want to see what’s best for you.”

On Kingston’s response: “Kofi looks at me, he says, ‘I appreciate that. But you know, there is something special here. Give it a look.’ I said, ‘Okay. I will. I will reserve judgment, but I’m just telling you.’ You know, we’ve seen how many three-man groups, and whatever. And I just — to me, I thought it was a death sentence for my friend Kofi, I really did.”

On watching it for the first time: “So. I sit down, and I’m watching the monitor. I hear this loud booming voice come over it like I’m sitting in a Baptist Church in South Carolina. The Pentacostal Curch, and all of a sudden everything comes out; the trombone, and the crowd, and the energy. And then I saw you guys work, and the way you work together. And as soon as you all came through the curtain, what did I say? I apologize, said, ‘Forget every friggin thing I just said.’ And I probably dropped an [F-bomb], but we’ll keep it polite for the kids that may be watching the show. I said, ‘I was absolutely friggin’ wrong. What you guys [are doing] is magic. Don’t change.’ And I’ve been a fan ever since.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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