The Big Show Speaks Out – Future Of WWE, The Rock


Justin Hutchinson sent this one in:

Hey Ryan, Huge fan of WZR. I visit multiple times a day to get all my WWE news. Just thought I would pass this along. I talked to Big Show this morning on The Big J Show and this is what he had to say about acting, The Rock’s return and more:

Acting and taking the route of The Rock:

“Let’s be clear of one thing, I do not, in any way, shape, or form think I am The Rock. The Rock is probably one of the best leading men in Hollywood and he’s actually really good at it. I’ve been doing it and having fun with it, but my true passion is WWE. I think when my career winds down, I might look at that and find something to do. Maybe I’ll take a creative writing class, try to become a novelist, who knows. As a smart business person, you always are looking at the next evolution of your career and what you can do. I’ve tested the waters a little bit, had some fun with it. I know that acting is a skill set like anything else, the more you do it, the better you get and you have to be trained. Is it fun? Absolutely.”

The Rock return and interaction backstage:

“I don’t envy The Rock’s position at all. Dwayne back in the day when he was just WWE was a real centerpiece in the locker room, a funny guy to be around, a leader in the locker room and a great talent that went out there and made the fans happy and made the guys in the locker room a good living. I mean he was a heck of a draw. I think now Rock’s reached a super stardom and to be quite honest I am sure it’s tough too for Rock to come back to something he loves and not really know anyone that’s there in the locker room. I am there everyday and there’s still a bunch of people in there that I don’t know. The faces are changing all the time. I don’t ever judge someone in those shoes. I know how Dwayne’s always treated me, he has always been fair and honest with me. We’ve had a good working relationship in the ring and done some great things and done some cool stuff on SNL. I don’t even bother him when he’s there. Every now and then if I see him in the hallways backstage you know it’s the high fives, “Hey man, how’s your mom? What’s going on?” He’s busy doing things, trying to cram a lot in. I don’t judge him for that. All I can say is Rock’s been very cool to me and straight up.”

The Future of The WWE:

“I think Zack [Ryder] has a tremendous work ethic and is really coming to his own to build himself a superstar. There’s a lot more little things in becoming a John Cena, Stone Cold, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, these guys all have a unique gift. Trust me if I knew what that was I would apply it to myself. It’s a little gift that’s there and they find a way to tap into the audience and make themselves a mega superstar. There are certainly a lot of guys on our roster that have the potential to being legends themselves. I mean you look at Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes, Sheamus is doing well, Kofi Kingston, there’s a lot of guys that are young that have potential that are learning themselves and their character and their abilities. Longevity is the key. Look at the Undertaker, he’s been around since ’91 and the guy manages to stay cool and fresh and at the same time he’s got that history and that legendary status. There’s so many more complicated things that go into it to be someone like John Cena or Rock, a whole other level of talent that everybody has the potential to have but very few people tap into it.”

You can listen to the entire interview below:

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