The Complete Lineup For Eddie Kingston’s Grindhouse Debut Show Revealed


The complete lineup for the debut of Eddie Kingston’s “Grindhouse” has been released. WWN Live has confirmed the following matches:

Fred Yehi vs. Anthony Henry

JD Drake vs. Jon Davis

Thomas Shire vs. Jeremy Wyatt

Savannah Evans vs. Allie Recks

Sean Maluta vs. Kody Lane

Four Way Elimination Match:
Joseph Black vs. Davey Vega vs. Troy Hollywood vs. Ariel Dominguez

Kingston said,

“I put out a pretty simple call — take your beating and stay down or get back up and get back into the fight. I saw many that replied and picked the most hungry for the Grindhouse … It’s straightforward. You’re there to win. The place that you win is in the ring. Get in the ring and fight to a finish!”

The show airs live this Saturday night at 8PM EST on Club WWN and FITE TV.

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