The Confirmed Matches For This Friday Night’s TNA ‘One Night Only Xtravaganza 2’ Pay-Per-View


Here are the confirmed matches for this Friday
night’s TNA One Night Only: Xtravaganza 2 pay-per-view:

* Qualifying Match: Low Ki vs.
Chris Sabin
* Qualifying Match: Rashad Cameron vs. Zema
* Qualifying Match: Kenny King vs. Rubix
Qualifying Match: Vedder (Trent Baretta) vs. Manik
Qualifying Match: Sonjay Dutt vs. Rockstar Spud
Qualifying Match: Tigre Uno vs. Petey Williams
The $25,000 EC3 Invitational Ladder Match: The Wolves vs. Bad
* 2 of 3 Falls X-Division Title Match: Sanada ©
vs. Austin Aries
* Winners of the qualifying matches face off in Ultimate X
for a future X-Division championship match

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