The Early AEW All Out Buyrate #’s Are In


According to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the AEW “All Out” United States television-only pay-per-view numbers look to be around 28,000 buys. That is below the 35,000 buys that Double or Nothing did at about the same time. With that being said, that show ended up doing 39,000 television-only buys, so an increase of about 11%.

The live streaming on BR Live was up, but the exact numbers are unknown as of this writing.

The FITE TV worldwide numbers were down, possibly because the TNT hype show pushed B/R live as the way to see the show.

When it’s all said and done with the worldwide numbers, the final number is expected to be around 100,000 total buys. That number will include traditional pay-per-view, FITE TV, and BR Live combined.

It should also be noted that 46% of those ordering the show on either television pay-per-view and BR Live had also ordered Double or Nothing.

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