The Early RAW Rating #’s Are In & It’s Good News


The January 7th edition of WWE Monday Night RAW averaged 4,420,000 viewers. This is the best three hour average since back in August. The show did hours of 4,290,000, 4,320,000 and 4,650,000. Not only did the show’s rating score well, but also RAW did so against the BCS National Championship game, which drew 26.3 million viewers.

We noted yesterday here on the website that the NCAA BCS National Title game Monday night saw a significant drop off in the 10:00 EST hour, once the game became a blow-out. The show had a 14.0 rating at 8:15 PM ET for the pre-game, rose to a 21.0 at 9:00 PM ET and then dropped to a 15.0 at 10:00, the start of RAW’s third hour.

At 11:00, when The Rock/CM Punk confrontation was about to start, the BCS rating fell to a 13.0. RAW could use some good news for their third hour, which has seen a twenty-show streak of dropping from the second hour.

The final RAW rating should be out shortly.

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