The ECW Arena Update, Evan Bourne’s Injury, & More News


Partial Source: Pwinsider

— The former ECW arena has been stripped down to its outside walls. All of the old stages, balconies, etc. have been destroyed and taken out. Construction for the building’s new configuration is underway, and when complete, the building will be turned into a concert hall that will hold close to 3,000 fans. As for the future of wrestling in the building, the feeling was when EVOLVE and CZW ran their last event there that the rent of the re-designed facility would be too high for independent promotions to run the building and actually make a profit.

— There are no pro wrestling shows listed for ESPN Classic this week. At this time, there’s no word yet on when the classic AWA or UWF shows will return to the network.

— Evan Bourne posted the following on Twitter, regarding his recovery‚Ķ

“I wish I was on the #RAW European tour. It’s grueling but #WWE superstars live and breathe for these semi-annual extravaganzas. #jealous”

“My foot should* be healed by November! I would love love love to be on #RAW or #SMACKDOWN international tours. #ineedfrequentflyermiles”

“To clarify: I have no clue when I’ll be 100% healed. I follow up with the doc in a few weeks and I may have a better idea then. #endofsummer”

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