The Elite Discuss Booking Philosophies, Having a ‘Meta’ Humor Style


Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, and Kenny Omega have stuck together for the better part of the last 5 years. From wacky YouTube sketches to scale-breaking bouts, and now a new promotion, The Elite have been delivering on their promise to “change the world.”

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While speaking to Decider, Matt, Nick, and Kenny spoke about there meta sense of humor, how they look at producing matches, and learning from recent shows. Below are some highlights.

Matt Jackson on the meta-humor of The Elite:

“I think the reason why Nick and I have had big successes is because we’re very self-aware and we have that meta style. We’re in on the joke, right? If someone’s talking about us, we know they’re talking about it. We survey everything. We know everything. If people are talking, we’ve heard the talk. We’ve heard the chatter. And it’s better not to ignore the things. It’s better to at least address the elephant in the room and talk about it.”

Kenny Omega on learning from all of their previous events:

“For the first three shows or whatever, we had a couple of oversights where guys were doing too much of one thing or another or whatever, but now after the show, we’ll always sit down and watch the show back and we’ll see, ‘Ah, I got to catch that next time. And oh, I got to catch that this time.’ Even last time, the Fight for the Fallen, we were more on top of our game.”

Nick Jackson on producing talent and keeping them safe:

“We’re not going to tell the talent like, ‘Don’t do this cool dive just because we don’t want you to do it.’ We’re going to say, ‘Hey, do the coolest things you can do.’ You’re very limited in other places. All of our wrestlers are going to do a ton of stuff and we’re not going to limit them for what they can do and their abilities to do.”

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