The End Of FCW Confirmed + 2 Drug Busts – Details


— It was announced at tonight’s FCW taping in Tampa that the last TV taping would be June 7th. We told you FCW would be ending their TV deal and basically shut down several months ago and WWE strongly denied our reports. WWE NXT is pretty much the new FCW.

— Kazushige Nosawa and his girlfriend Masami Odate have been arrested for marijuana possession. The couple, professionally known as NOSAWA Rongai and Io Shirai, were picked up at Narita Airport after customs officers discovered 75 grams of marijuana worth approximately $5,000 hidden in a portrait when the couple returned from a Lucha expo in Mexico.

Odate had breakfast with Sarita on Tuesday; the two work together as tag team partners in Japanese women’s wrestling company Stardom. Sarita had posted to Facebook:

I had breakfast with my Japanese tag partner Io Shirai…nice chat about returning to Japan this year to keep dominating in Stardom. Stay tuned!

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