The Fake Ultimate Warrior Falsely Advertised, Lawler/Comics


Partial Source: Pwinsider

— The comic strip Dick Tracy started running a pro-wrestling themed story this week and it features a cartoon version of Jerry “The King” Lawler. Lawler appears as “Jerry King” in the comic.

— Lucha Libre USA will start running live events next month in California. The promotion has been largely silent since getting pulled from MTV2 again. Local radio ads are pushing a WWE vs AAA theme with names like Chavo Guerrero and Hurricane Helms. There are events scheduled for The Stockton Arena in Stockton, California on 3/25 and the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California on 3/30. Tickets for the events go on sale on February 10 and February 17, respectively. No official announcements have been made on the LLUSA website, Twitter account or Facebook page.

— The webmaster for The Ultimate Warrior has posted the following release about a fake Ultimate Warrior being advertised for an Omega Sports show in Queensbury, New York. Edge is also listed. Here’s the release:

A promoter named Brendon Bronson of Omega Sports in Queensbury New York, has been falsely advertising wrestling talent to appear at his store. Talent including, but not limited to, WWE legend The Ultimate Warrior and WWE Superstar Edge.

Mr Warrior has been advertised to appear on June 9th 2012 at the promoter’s store; Omega Sports (Aviation Mall, Queensbury NY). Tickets for the event have been sold between $25 and $100.

On discovery of this booking it was brought to our attention there had been further in-store promotion and radio/local television advertisements purchased.

Team Warrior contacted Mr Bronson and requested this event be shut down with immediate effect including notices put out to media outlets to rectify the situation.

Mr Bronson stated initially, he had been subject to a fraudulent agent but has since continued to sell tickets to the event and ignored all requests to recitfy the situation and inform the public. Mr Bronson stated in an email to Team Warrior yesterday, ” I HAVE MUCH BIGGER PROJECTS AND CANT WASTE TIME AN THIS LITTLE ONE”

WWE Superstar Christian posted this message on behalf of Edge:

“If ur planning on going 2 meet Edge @ autograph session @ Omega Sports, Queensbury, NY Apr 21 he WON’T be there..Unfortunately owner of store was fooled by someone claiming to represent Edge.. Hopefully something like this doesn’t happen again.!/Christian4Peeps”

Since that tweet, tickets to Mr Warrior’s “apperance” have still been sold.

We request all fans who have purchased tickets to contact the Aviation Mall directly on 518 793 8818 and seek refunds.

Please verify bookings before you book your tickets so we can stop this kind of activity continuing. If an event is not published by a reputable source such as a talent’s official social media or website it is likely to be a fraudulent booking.

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