The Final Numbers for AAA’s “Invading NY” Event Are Shockingly Low – 60 Buys?!


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As previously reported here on eWn, the buyrate numbers for AAA’s “Invading NY” pay-per-view event were said to be “very low”. There was some talk that the buyrate numbers were as low as 60 people last week. That’s not a typo. Now, those numbers are a bit higher but it’s believed that only 300 to 400 people bought the pay-per-view event.

In addition to that, there wasn’t a single buy in the Hispanic markets. There was little to no advertising for the event and many people likely didn’t even know it was taking place. Almost none of the buys that did happen were live. That means the increase in numbers happened from people who learned of the event after it aired or saw reviews of it online. In two of the biggest Hispanic markets in the country, one had four buys and the other had one. Yikes.

There was also a lot of frustration with the event within AAA, as there was a lot of changes made to the card due to visa issues. As of now, it is believed that all the visas will be in for their Los Angeles show on October 23rd. No matches have been announced for the show as of this writing.

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