‘The Fink’ Not Thrilled With Lilian Garcia’s Return


Legendary ring announcer Howard Finkel appears unhappy with Lilian Garcia’s return to WWE. When asked for comment on the “Decade Diva”‘s return to the organization as SmackDown ring announcer during WWE.com’s live chat Monday, he initially ignored the subject.


“The Fink” wrote “Genku already stirring the pot” in response to a fan’s query. He then said he has “even bigger news” than Garcia’s return to WWE, which was Dusty Rhodes joining Twitter.

Finkel then appeared annoyed when a chat moderator posted a YouTube video of Garcia’s 2007 song ¡Quiero Vivir!. When asked for comment later, he simply wrote, “Good for her.” The following fan comment was then posted: “Fink, you should return to announce. Belong on tv not computer.” He responded, “AMEN.”

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