The Fired WWE NXT Talents & Vince McMahon Tweet


— Vince McMahon posted the following to Twitter today in regard to this weekend’s Extreme Rules PPV:

Because of the risk of injury, I will be crossing my fingers until #ExtremeRules is over on Sunday

— For those who may have missed it earlier, here are tweets by Brandon Taven, Sakamoto and Derrick Bateman regarding their releases from WWE:

Traven: “Staying positive on a bad day..not the end only the beginning…things in life happen for a reason..just had a good lunch with good people. Not the end of the book just the end of the journey is far from over.”

Sakamoto: “#WWE #NXT my friend thank you for everything SAYONARA.”

Bateman: “NOW AVAILABLE FOR INDY BOOKINGS!! Welp see ya later @wwe @WWEUniverse #itsfine.”

Briley Pierce (Dolph Ziggler’s brother): “I guarantee that was the funniest and most entertaining “You’re released” phone call in WWE history. Bye, everybody!”

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