The First Member Of The 2013 WWE Hall Of Fame Class Is?


The New York Post reports that Mick Foley is expected to be announced as the first member of the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame ceremony will take place on April 5th in Madison Square Garden. Foley has written in his books about being inspired to become a wrestler based on seeing Jimmy Snuka come off the top of the steel cage on Don Muraco during an event he hitchhiked to at the Garden.

The official announcement is expected for this Monday’s 20th Anniversary of Raw.

UPDATE: Mick Foley posted the following response to the rumors that he is going into the WWE Hall of Fame…

As far as the HOF: I’ll believe it when I see it on @WWE TV…or when I get a phone-call from Vince. Better check my VM for message from VKM

The original source of the report was from this article in the New York Post.

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