The Full WWE ’13 Roster Revealed – Details Inside


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The stream began with the WWE ’13 trailer starring WWE champion CM Punk, pushing that fans can “live the revolution.”

Lilian Garcia made her way to a ring set up at AXXESS in Los Angeles. She warmed up the crowd and introduced Jerry Lawler. Lawler said they he’s been happy to be called the “voice” of WWE ’13 and said Michael Cole probably won’t be happy to hear that. The fans booed Cole and Lawler joked that there weren’t any Cole fans in attendance.

Lawler said the game will give fans the chance to live the experience and feel like they are in the ring with WWE stars. Lawler said that he’s had a few matches with the next person he’s going to announce as his partner as well as announcing alongside him. Lawler introduced Jim Ross.

Ross said it’s the most refined and greatest roster they’ve ever had for a WWE game. He said he was very excited to be here in Los Angeles.

Lawler said they wanted to talk about something that was very near and dear to their hearts – the Attitude era. Lawler said that was when he was allowed to say “Puppies!” and not get in trouble. He said that everything they said back then is in the game and it was a fun time.

Lawler then said that speaking of Attitude, they needed to introduce the person with the most attitude of anyone in WWE at this point and time, the WWE champion. Fans began chanting for Punk. Out came the WWE champion.

Punk asked everyone how they were doing and said he hoped they were staying hydrated. Lawler asked him how it feels on the cover of WWE ’13. Punk said that when he got into the business, one of the goals was to be in a videogame and being on the cover supersedes that. He said that he’s on the cover because he’s the best in the world. It’s WWE ’13 and 13 is a lucky number,

Lilian Garcia asked Punk his thoughts going into the SummerSlam title shot. He said it’s impossible to prepare for two opponents, so he’s going to just run straight into a brick wall and see what happens. He said the odds are against the champion in a triple threat match, so he’s going to be on the offense and see what happens.

They revealed the first amount of names for the game:

Alberto Del Rio

The Big Show

Booker T

Brock Lesnar

Brodus Clay

Chris Jericho


Cody Rhodes

Daniel Bryan

David Otunga

Dolph Ziggler


The Great Khali

Heath Slater


Jack Swagger


John Cena

John Laurinaitus

Justin Gabriel


Kevin Nash

Kofi Kingston

Mark Henry



Randy Orton

Ross and Punk said they wanted everyone to Tweet and Tout the roster to their Internet contacts. The game will allow them to be Monday Night quarterbacks. Punk said they don’t have to complain on the Internet – they can just “do it themselves.”

They revealed the Attitude era talents:

Mike Tyson

Road Warrior Animal

Big Bossman

Billy Gunn

Bret Hart

Bradshaw from Acolytes

British Bulldog

Cactus Jack



Dude Love

Eddie Guerrero


Farooq from the Acolytes


Road Warrior Hawk

Hunter Hearst Helmsley


Ken Shamrock


Mark Henry – The Nation

Mr. McMahon

The Big Show Paul Wight

Road Dogg

The Rock

Shane McMahon

Shawn Michaels

Triple H





Stephanie McMahon

Trish Stratus

Steve Austin

They noted that the game will allow fans to do Cactus Jack vs, Mankind. Punk joked you will never be at a loss to have someone face Heath Slater.

Lawler asked Punk how he felt he would have fared in the Attitude era. Punk said that he can’t go back in time but he feels like he would be champion. He said that’s the great thing about the game, you can do Punk vs. The Rock or Punk vs. Steve Austin.

Punk asked the crowd who would win between himself and Austin. The crowd cheered Punk. They plugged that Austin signed 25,000 copies of the Austin version of the game. Ross said this is a chance to have fans get to see Punk vs. Austin whenever they want or any other magic dream match in October.

They thanked Pennywise for providing the theme song for the game and ran down the remainder of the roster:

Rey Mysterio

The Rock


Santino Marella


Sin Cara


Ted DiBiase

Triple H

The Undertaker

Jinder Mahal

Wade Barrett

Zack Ryder

Alicia Fox

Beth Phoenix

Brie Bella

Eve Torres

Kelly Kelly


Nikki Bella


AJ Lee

CM Punk

Jerry Lawler said that the game is so realistic, he’s heard there might be wardrobe malfunctions during the matches.

Damien Sandow came out to his theme music. He asked everyone to remain silent as he had something to say. He introduced himself and said he was the harbinger of good news for everyone. He said that he has an announcement that will revolutionize the gaming world itself. The fans began to chant “What?” He told them they were embarrassing themselves.

Sandow said it was his esteemed privilege to announce that he would be making his debut as a downloadable character in WWE ’13. He said that no longer will fans toil their hours away meaninglessly because he can enrich their lives. He told the fans they were welcome.

Sandow walked out. Lawler joked that someone should have told him they were trying to sell the games. Ross said he will come in his robe with no additional charge.

Lilian Garcia thanked everyone for coming and plugged the release dates of the game and some of the extra material you can get if you pre-order.

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