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The Godfather Comments On Getting Caught Smoking Pot In An Elevator By Vince McMahon


During a recent appearance on the “Generation Of Wrestling” podcast, The Godfather commented on the time he got caught smoking pot in an elevator by Vince McMahon. He said,

“You know what, I love Vince McMahon to death because he let me be me and believe me, bro, that’s saying a lot. There’s been a lot of incidents like that with Vince, but Vince was always cool with me, but that’s a true story. What happened was me and a friend of mine named Big Worms. In fact, the first time I smoked was with Big Worms, and Big Worm would smoke no matter where you were man, he didn’t care, he’d smoke. Doesn’t matter if you was in the elevator, he didn’t care. So he’s in the elevator just pumping chief and the elevator opens up and those four are standing there and Vince is just looking at me, and there’s smoke coming out of the elevator. Vince says, ‘Charles, I think we’ll take the next one.’ Like I said I’ve been smoking strong since Papa Shango so anytime you see me after Papa Shango, I was medicated.”

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