The Godfather

The Godfather Explains Why He Doesn’t Believe The Undertaker Will Return To WWE In-Ring


During a recent appearance on the It’s My Wrestling Podcast, former Intercontinental Champion The Godfather (Charles Wright) commented on if he believes The Undertaker will ever return to WWE in-ring.

When asked if he sees his close friend ever returning to WWE, Wright said he couldn’t see it happening. However, he also revealed that Vince McMahon previously regularly called The Undertaker to get him back. Commenting on Taker’s retirement, Wright said this:

He doesn’t need the money, he definitely don’t need it believe me. I don’t think you will [see him back] when he called me and told me, he says ‘Big Dog I’m done, he goes ‘I’m done now, I’m finally done.’ And he’s never called me and told me that, you know. He’s told me I’m trying to get out, Vince won’t let me go, keeps throwing big numbers at me to wrestle once a year, but I’m pretty sure he’s done, I think physically he’s done and mentally he’s done.”

The Undertaker announced his retirement during the final episode of ‘Undertaker: The Last Ride’ documentary. He then would lay down his ring gear and give his final speech at Survivor Series 2020, with the event dedicated to the legacy of The Undertaker.

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You can check out The Godfather’s full interview on the It’s My Wrestling Podcast below:

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