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The Godfather Recalls The Most Memorable Backstage Fight He’s Seen


The Godfather revealed the most memorable backstage fight he’s seen during an interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews

He named the fight between Ahmed Johnson and D’Lo Brown.

“Ahmed Johnson and D’Lo Brown, and D’Lo whooped his ass. See, D’Lo’s a real wrestler, he was a collegiate wrestler, and D’Lo had him hooked so bad, and he’s trying to tap out, and D’Lo had him hooked so bad that me and Ron had to tell him, ‘D’Lo, let him go, let him go, D’Lo’ because D’Lo was going to break his arm or something, but that was the best one I’ve seen.”

“Don’t know, don’t remember, I just remember D’Lo and him going at it, I don’t remember why. Ahmed Johnson was, he just didn’t get it. He didn’t fit in with us either. He didn’t get it. And at that point, everybody couldn’t stand him. I’m about the only guy that probably doesn’t have real nasty things to say about him. I just tell people that he didn’t get it. He didn’t get it. We tried to help him but he just didn’t get it.”

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