The Godfather

The Godfather Says He Never Thought He Would “Get In” The Hall of Fame


During a recent episode of the “Midnight Hustle” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Charles Wright (The Godfather) spoke on the fact he was shocked to find out he would be going into the Hall of Fame.

Speaking on the matter Wright said:

“Yeah, I thought because of the pimp thing that it would hold me up but I mean if you look at the body of work, people today still talk about me and the Warrior. I was part of building The Rock up to be what he is in the Nation of Domination…I was going to the gym and Mark Carrano, who is not there anymore. Mark Carrano called me and he’s like ‘hey Bear you ready for WrestleMania?’ I’m like ‘yeah man I’m ready.’ He goes ‘well who you bringing? You bringing your wife? Your kids? What?’ What the f**k does it matter what I’m bringing? He goes ‘ well, we want to know.’ I go ‘why do you want to know?’ He goes ‘because Vince is putting you in the Hall Of Fame this year.’ … I go, ‘cool I never thought a pimp would get in there.’”

The Godfather was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016, alongside Sting, the Big Boss Man, Snoop Dogg and various others.

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Check out The Godfather’s full interview on the Midnight Hustle podcast below:

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