The Godfather Says He Recently Signed A New Legends Contract With WWE


In a recent appearance on the Universal Wrestling Podcast, WWE Hall of Famer The Godfather touched on a variety of subjects, including his experience at RAW XXX, his relationship with Triple H & Vince McMahon, Young Rock, and more.

He also revealed that he had signed a contract extension with WWE.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

The Godfather on details of his contract with WWE: “It’s no different for me, I’m friends with both [Vince McMahon and Triple H]. I think both treat me the same. They both know about all my smoking and craziness. They both know me … I’ve been on a Legends Contract since 2003 … and I just now signed another one for five years. So, I mean, that says something. I’ve been on the payroll since 2003. You know, it ain’t bad being The Godfather.”

The Godfather on Young Rock: “F**k Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. That mot**rf**ker should never had Ceelo f**king Green portray me. I’m 6 foot 7, ok, and they portrayed me as somebody who’s 6 foot 1. So, f**k the Rock, f**k him, m**herf**ker, f**k that ba**ard, , that mo**erf**ker f*cking 3 inches shorter than me and had me 5 inches shorter than me. F**k The Rock.”

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You can keep up with all your wrestling news right here on Or, you can follow us over on our Twitter and Facebook pages.