The Godfather

The Godfather Tells Funny Story On Taking D’Lo Brown To Wrestlers Court


During a recent appearance on the It’s My Wrestling podcast, The Godfather (Charles Wright) recounted the time he took D’Lo Brown to wrestler’s court.

Speaking on the podcast, Wright said,

“I took D’Lo [Brown] to court because we were in Chicago his hometown. I’ve always smoked cannabis, but I would not travel with it. I would not get on a plane with it because I didn’t want to embarrass the WWE, so I never travelled with it I would get it when I got to the town. So D’Lo tells me ‘big dog don’t worry about it, I got you covered when you get to Chicago, my boys are going to give you the finest grade bud you can ever find so don’t worry about it’. We get there late and stuff [and] we get to our rooms like at 10 o’clock at night, and D’Lo shows up with this – I can’t even, I don’t even think it was marijuana. I don’t know what [it was], it was like weeds. I’m like ‘are you joking me?’ and he’s like ‘my guy didn’t come through so this is all I could find’. In the meantime, I’ve told all my connections I got them covered, so I took him to court for this misrepresentation of the word chronic and giving me that swaggy woodie crap that he gave me. Just before it went to court, we settled out of court. He knew Taker was gonna come down hard on him so we settled out of court.”
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