The Good Brothers Comment On Always Having Love For The Bullet Club


The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) were recently interviewed on the Tru Heel Heat podcast as they discussed their love for The Bullet Club, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Gallows on their issues with Bullet Club: “Those guys in New York can’t do anything. They’re stuck there. We’re out in the world. We opened the forbidden door. And I think they’re a little pissed off because every time we see them we remind them that they need to send us their thank you cards so they can make a living and have a home to live in. And they need to send us some royalty money too because if it wasn’t for us, it would no them and they just need to send that.”


Anderson on not having a problem with Bullet Club: “Usually when people are kissing people in New York’s ass, it’s because let’s be honest they wanna be in New York right? There was never any animosity with us. We’ve always had love for the Bullet Club. We always have and always will. They started throwing shots at us when we went on international television with AEW and hugged our friends again who they might have issue with the Elite boys, but we don’t. We have good relationships with everybody so that’s on them. And because they have heat with us, we’re just gonna beat the crap out of the two young boys of the Bullet Club.”

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