The Good Brothers Comment On How They & AJ Styles Almost Came To TNA In 2015


In an interview with Fightful Select, The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson) talked about how they and AJ Styles came very close to jumping to TNA (Impact Wrestling) in 2015 after their NJPW contracts had expired.

Gallows on meeting with Dixie Carter at her home in 2015: “We were at Dixie Carter’s house in Nashville for a meeting with her and John Gaburick, and we went outside into her backyard and just to get away from them for a second. We’re having this serious brother talk, and we’re all kinda going—”


Karl Anderson on the TNA deal: “I wasn’t really feeling it.”

Gallows on why they were thinking of taking the TNA offer several years ago: “‘I mean, I don’t know. What do we do here?’ Because we were looking not to leave Japan because we wanted to, but the schedule had become insane. It just felt like it was time to make a move. Like, our last year there we did like 35 weeks in Japan, and, you know, Karl has 84 kids and I have a son, too. It was really wearing on our family life,”

Anderson on how they wanted to broaden the team in the US, but then WWE gave them an offer: “Yeah. We just thought it was, we always loved New Japan, we just felt like it was time to try and broaden our horizons into America and TNA were the first ones that reached out. Then at that same time, I remember walking around the arenas with Rocky and talking to him. I’d be telling him what’s going on. Each day was a new thing, something else happened, we got a different offer. Then WWE came along calling and it was like, ‘Oh, man.’ Then money started to become involved, and it’s like, ‘We gotta take a backflip into America, babe.’ Here we are changing the game again, like we did then.”

Gallows on TNA’s sour grapes when AJ Styles ended up signing with WWE and the letter they put out: “There was some weird s*** coming out. Like, the first thing they released was so sour grapes it made it look weird. It had a weird feel to it. I’m still waiting on all the thank you cards from all the boys who got raises when we did leave (NJPW). I’m hoping they’ll show up with some Amazon gift cards or something in the coming weeks.”

Credit: 411Mania

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