The Good Brothers Comment On Talk N Shop Mania 2, Impact Wrestling Run


The Good Brothers appeared on Wrestling Epicenter where they discussed their current run with Impact Wrestling, along with the second annual Talk N Shop Mania 2, set to air on Friday.

On their Impact Wrestling run:
Karl: “Oh man, it is great! We’ve got a great set of bosses, Don Callis and Scott D’Amore, that we’re working for. We’ve got a hell of a roster and we’re putting out some great content right now – Great TV, great pay-per-views as you saw at Bound for Glory, and we’ve got a great show coming up, Turning Point on the Impact Plus App, where we challenge “The North” for the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Championship.”
Gallows: “We were literally on the phone with Scott D’Amore yesterday talking about our “10 Year Impact Plan” because we want to stay here and stay here forever and keep having fun like this and that’s being real.”


Thoughts on the Impact Wrestling Tag Titles:

“Absolutely, that is the Triple Crowning Achievement that we’re after, man! We’ve been multiple time IWGP, multiple time WWE Tag Team Champions. With all that linage in these big ass houses of ours, we need those titles. It is time to get it done!”

Dream tag matches for Impact Wrestling:
Karl: “I’m glad Ethan Page did call us out because they need these matches just as much as us. It has been good for everybody.”

Gallows: “The North are guys we’ve wanted to work with for a while now – Once we found out about them. Ethan Page is a very charismatic guy and Josh Alexander can wrestle with the best of them. This is a dream match at Turning Point. And, we call it hitting the cycle. We’ve held the WWE Tag Team Titles multiple times, the IWGP Tag Team Titles multiple times, and it is time to win the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Titles and show that while we have fun with Talk N Shop A Mania, we get it it done in the ring with the best of them.”

On Impact striving in Skyway Studios right now
Karl: “I agree 100%. The Tag Team Division, which is really near and dear to our heart, is striving right now. The Knockouts Division is killing it. The X Division is some of the best pro wrestling on the planet. And then, you’ve got a Heavyweight roster that is a mix of youngsters and veterans. Man, I’d put this roster up against anyone’s roster. I think we’re kicking ass and it is great.”

Gallows: “The pandemic almost helped Impact get it together more. We’re having such a great time, man.”

The success of Talk N Shop Mania:
Karl: “(laughs) Right. You say that but it really is us – We’re probably about the same age group and we have loved professional wrestling through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Our goal is not to laugh at professional wrestling but to laugh with us and the things we think are good. You know, we weren’t bitter with WWE but why not create an alternate universe where these characters can become relevant, be it for good reasons or bad reasons. And now, thanks to the success of the first one, we’ve created a story within this universe that I think can go on and on and on. I hope everyone will join us on November the 13th at 10 p.m. on pay-per-view and the FITE app, however you choose to join us for #worsethanthefirst, if you enjoyed the first one, we have turned it all the way up!”
Gallows: “And that’s what gets us off. Hearing that you almost fell out of your chair! Like, I’ve watched these reviews on YouTube and they’re laughing as they talk about it and review it. That’s the best shit, man. And, I’ve watched the second one back man and I was in tears. That is what gets us so excited and makes us want to keep creating these.”

On the idea behind the “Ball for a Ball” match at Talk N Shop A Mania 2
Karl: “Oh yeah! I mean, Sex Ferguson and Chad 2 Bad have had this feud going on for a long time now – Far too long! And, you can have an Eye for an Eye match and take a man’s eye – He’s got another one. But, if you take a man’s ball? Or, 2 balls? Or, an entire scrotum? (Doc now laughing hard in the background) Now we can get to the bottom of this. Now we have answers. Now we have a definitive winner! And, the winner will be decided on Friday the 13th at Talk N Shop A Mania 2!”

Gallows: “There’s 2 huge main event – 2 huge ones. The first one is Chavo Guerrero Jr. versus Chico El Luchador in a Lucha Libre Death Match.”

Rocky Romero: Traditionally in a death match, somebody might bleed. There might be some barbed wire. But, in this match, you can bring whatever weapon you want and a man must die! A real death match! And, the history between the Guerreros and the Luchador families go back for decades – I mean, we all know about it! And now, it will all come to an end in a death match where a man must die and it is only at Talk N Shop A Mania 2!”

Gallows: “Preach it, Rock!”

The Good Brothers Theme Music: “Well, you know, I dabble a little in music myself and getting to produce this and put it together is a lot of fun. Just putting it together is what we do here at Talk N Shop. I used to be known SS Producer Hoop until we got an actual producer and editor (Karl laughs) and stuff like that. I try to help wherever I can and doing things like that (the song) and the podcast and pay per view are just part of the interests that I have.”

Will there be anymore cameos compared to the first Talk N Shop:
Karl: “Oh my goodness! It is loaded down with those! We’ve got “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner, we’ve got the “Powers of Pain” The Warlord and the Barbarian, we’ve got Vincent (Virgil, Soul Train Jones) down there. We’re pulling guys out you haven’t seen in a while from Mike Knox to Kevin Fertig We’ve got Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson the “Rock and Roll Express”. Help me out, boys!”

Gallows: “And that is the really cool thing. Like, Raven’s Flock can come in for the first one but they won’t be on the second one but we can throw them right back in on the third one. Everyone just wants to be involved right now which is kind of cool! We’ve gotten a lot of calls asking to be on Talk N Shop A Mania 2. It is cool to have D’Lo Brown on this one. I would love to have “Stone Cold” come in and do one of these!”
Karl: “Oh Hell Yeah!”

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