The Good Brothers Comment On Signing With Impact Wrestling, Why They Didn’t Sign With AEW


During a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, The Good Brothers commented on their decision to sign with Impact Wrestling, why they didn’t go to AEW, and more. You can check out some highlights from the show below:

Anderson on why they didn’t sign with AEW after their release: “Well honestly, I don’t know if AEW is throwing out any kind of offers right now in the middle of this global pandemic. And you know, we’re friends with the Bucks, we’re friends with Chris Jericho, we’re friends with Kenny Omega now. We’ve spoken with them a lot. But honestly, nothing ever came up, you know? And Scott D’Amore hit us up the day we got released. And he’s been very, very, very, very open about the fact that they wanted to bring us to Impact. And they had an offer for us within a couple of days after getting released … He pushed it really hard, and he made it something that we wanted to do. And Impact literally courted us so well, that that’s where we chose to go. And it turned out fun, great.”

Gallows on having more creative freedom in Impact: “It’s a nice feeling. It’s nice that when they give you a promo that they didn’t stick lines in our faces. They let us just be us, and that’s what we wanted the whole time. So it’s good.”

Anderson on their commitment to Impact: “Scott D’Amore knows us, too. Like, he watched, he was in Tokyo when I had some big main event matches. And he’s watched me and Gallows have big tag matches in front of a lot of people at the Tokyo DOme. So he knows what we’ve got, he knows what we can do. And he knows … now that we’re a proven, legitimate draw with the way Slammiversary was all over the place. So we’re already looking toward the next contract for the raise already. We want to stay [with Impact], now we’re all in. We want Impact to go into the future for as long as possible; we want to work for the next 25 years with Impact. So there you go.”

Gallows on what’s different in Impact this time around: “Yeah, I mean the buzz is real, the buzz happened. And now it’s all about carrying on the momentum. The creative freedom is great. I think they have a roster that a lot of people have slept on, there’s some great talent in there. And I think that it’s going to elevate them. I saw a lot of people step up, because any time new people come in, the existing guard goes ‘Hey, what the f**k? Let’s step it up.’ And that does nothing but create healthy competition, which I think is going to make the show better and better. And I mean, we’re already looking forward to Bound For Glory in October, because we want to come out and have our first big classic on Bound For Glory. We want all those eyes again on Bound For Glory, we want to tear s**t up, and we’re going to.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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