​The Great Khali Claims Vince McMahon Personally Asked Him To Join WWE, & More


The Daily Pioneer recently interviewed former WWE Superstar and world heavyweight champion The Great Khali. Below are some highlights.

Khali on his time in WCW: “After six months there, I signed a contract with World Championship Wrestling (WCW). There I continued to learn the trade and to fight but then Vince McMahon, chairman of WWE, bought the company. It left me disappointed because only in 7-8 months that I was there, the company was bought. I was not sure how things would transpire now and what would happen to my career.”

Khali on how McMahon courted him to join WWE: “I signed the contract in 2005. McMahon sent a limousine to get me from the premiere of The Longest Yard in New York and he wanted to see me in person. Normally he doesn’t do that but in my case he made an exception. He asked if I wanted to work with WWE and I gladly said yes.”

Khali on steroid use in wrestling: “Yes some people do take steroids to circumvent injuries but as compared to yesteryears, it has reduced considerably. So around 12-13 years ago, usage of steroids was much higher but it is lesser now.”

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