The Great Khali Released From Hospital, Pauly D/WWE, Regal


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— As noted earlier, William Regal, who is involved with the WWE Tryout process, wrote a blog on Twitter with advice to anyone who wants to work for WWE as a wrestler. You can read the blog by clicking here. It’s a really good read which is why we’re linking it again.

The Jersey Shore’s Pauly D will DJ WWE’s SummerSlam VIP kick-off party at The Pool at the Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows on August 16th. WWE will have lots of Hollywood events that week to promote their brand and pay-per-view event.

Chris Kross sent this along: AJ Styles, who is currently on a promotional tour of Australia for TNA, recently appeared on Australian Football show 360, which appears on pay TV channel Fox Footy. He was with the two hosts and football player Daniel Wells. The show featured footage of his trip and spending time with the North Melbourne team. The appearance is said to have went well, as AJ seemed happy to be there, answered questions with enthusiasm and came across like a likable star. He had the TNA championship with him. The hosts show in ring footage but didn’t know a lot about wrestling.

— The Great Khali was released from the hospital this week. After being released, he headed home to Texas. He is expected to be back by WWE’s Survivor Series pay-per-view event.

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