​The Great Khali Reportedly Suffers An “Injury” During A Wrestling Angle For His New Promotion


This may all be part of the angle, so take it with a little grain of salt. But Indian media is reporting (via Indian Express) that The Great Khali was injured during an angle at the end of a show for his new wrestling promotion. The show took place last night and during the main event, Khali was wrestling Brody Steele. He got jumped by Steele, Mike Knox and a third, unnamed wrestler and stretchered out.

According to the Times of India, Khali suffered “severe head injuries” and was airlifted out to a hospital in Dehradun where he was admitted into the ICU. The site reports that Khali is stable, noting that the medical team needed two beds because of his size. He received seven stitches in his head.

The director of the neurology department Dr. A.K. Singh said, “He is stable and completely out of danger. He did not lose consciousness so there are no worrying signs about his health.”

It was noted that 18,000 fans were at the show and that Khali will be able to wrestle on Sunday in Dehradun, which lends some credence to the fact that it is an angle. Common sense would suggest this is the case, but all the Indian media sites are reporting as if it’s legit so it comes down to whether they’re aware or complicit in the angle. You can see footage of the attack and of Khali being stretchered out below.

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