The Great Khali Starting His Own Promotion?


As some of you may have noticed, The Great Khali has been off TV for a few weeks. He’s been in India over the past month and he has re-registered to be a police officer. He is expected back on WWE TV very soon, possibly as soon as this week. There are reports in India that Khali has been in serious talks with fellow Indian wrestler Sangram Singh about starting a new promotion there. 

The idea behind the promotion would be to do something on the level of the Indian Cricket League.
This would be a logical next step for Khali since his days in WWE (at least on a full time active competitor) are very limited due to his knees being in bad shape so it’s smart for him to look at the next phase of his career now and he would be a major draw for the promotion if it gets started.

Author link: WWE’s top consideration for Raw GM (details)

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