The Grizzled Young Veterans Comment On Working With Shawn Michaels, More


During a recent interview with Digital Spy, WWE NXT Superstars The Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake and Zack Gibson) commented on working with Shawn Michaels, adapting their promo style for the United States audience, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

Gibson on adapting his promo style for the US audience: “You do have to adapt but at the same time, the accent and the nuances of British humour or slang terms and stuff like that’s also something that’s interesting to a foreign audience. So we’re sort of educating them, whether they want it or not, on Scouse culture, maybe showing them some new terms they’ve not heard before. Something that some people struggle with is they go too far one way. They love their hometown and they love their own funny little phrases that they have but then they do 99% of their dialogue in that accent and with those terms and for that reason, it goes over people’s heads. It’s about working a little bit smarter and making sure that everyone can understand you whilst still trying to stay true to yourself.”

Gibson on slipping references in his promos only his friends would get: “Sometimes I talk to my friends back in the UK and I just see what they want to hear me say that week and see what we can get away with. A lot of it’s based on things that I’ve heard at football games, or on the last train home, things like that. It’s just fun introducing it to a new audience, obviously within reason. There’s still a handful of things I’d like to say that spring to mind that maybe aren’t quite appropriate. Maybe one day, we’ll see.”

Drake on working with Shawn Michaels: “I think one of the reasons why he has such an attraction to help the UK team is because, if you look at his style, especially in The Rockers, his work rate was go, go, go, go – effort and energy were not missed.”

Drake on how Michaels identifies with the energy and effort in the UK: “I reckon that’s one thing he identifies with and sees in the UK is the effort and energy. The other thing is, I think a lot of us, as time’s gone on, are my size now [Shawn’s] been able to see people of his stature have an opportunity to make a living and get far in wrestling I feel like he’s identified that and if there’s anytime he can help them on their way, he will never say one or two liners, if he wants to give you advice he’s committing some time to do that.”

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