The Hardy Boys Discuss The Ribs Owen Hart Used To Do In WWE


During the latest edition of the “Talk Is Jericho” podcast, Matt and Jeff Hardy commented on some of the ribs Owen Hart used to play on some of the talents backstage in WWE.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Matt Hardy on the first time Owen Hart ribbed him: “One of my favorite Owen stories is the first time he ribbed me, so to say. Like I didn’t know him, we were just extra. This is the fall of 1994, and I’m wrestling Owen in the Stabler Arena in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. So we’re there and he goes, ‘Oh yeah, people really like the Hardy kids. They take good bumps for all the guys. I really want to highlight you in the match. I have an idea, but I want to make sure you master it, that you’ve got it down.’ He said, ‘Follow me.’ We walk out into the concourse, and he has this big tarp like you’d use to cover up something if it’s going to rain. A big plastic tarp.”

“It’s laid out… he said, ‘Alright, let’s just get down on all fours in the center. Let’s pretend like this is the ring. Let’s say I take you down. I want you to take off like you’re trying to get to the ropes, but then I’ll stop you before you get there. Then you’ll go 90 degrees to your left and you try to get to the ropes there, and I’ll stop you again. Then you go 90 degrees to the left, and we’ll go to all four sides. It’ll really be like you’re resilient, and you’ll look great at this.’ I do it and we crawl, and he says, ‘That was really good. Let’s do it again.’ I was like, ‘God, this is going to hurt my knees.’ … We do it like four or five times, and then on the fifth time he’s asking me to do it, I go, ‘Dude, are you messing with me?’ He says, ‘Yes! What took you so long to catch on?!’”

Jeff Hardy on Davey Boy Smith and Owen Hart ribbing former WWE wrestler Hakushi: “Hakushi was riding with Owen and someone else. They had the heat [up]. It was in the summer and hot as hell, and they had the heat wide open in the car. And they picked up a hitchhiker, like kind of just messing with him, right? He’s in America now, he’s in a new place. They picked up a hitchhiker and I forget where it went from there, but I was like, ‘No way you guys were messing with him that much.’”

Matt Hardy on how they picked up a hitchhiker: “They picked up a hitchhiker, and they got in there and apparently they turned the temperature up to 99 degrees. The hottest they could put it in the car. Hakushi was there and he was sweating, and the hitchhiker they picked up in the back, we said to him, ‘You’ll have to excuse our friend, he has a very rare disease. If it doesn’t stay over 95 degrees, he’ll get intensely sick.’

“And Hakushi can’t understand any of this because he doesn’t speak any English. And this hitchhiker is in the back, sweating his balls off, and Hakushi’s up there going, ‘Woo! No no, I need. I need [air].’ And then the hitchhiker gets in and to pop themselves, Hakushi and this hitchhiker, they’re sweating it out, and they’re like playing them against one another, and they’re ribbing themselves in the process! Just to get a good laugh.”

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(h/t – Wrestling Inc)

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