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The Hex (Marti Belle & Allysin Kay) Talk About Their NWA Success & More



During a recent interview with Andrew Thompson for Post Wrestling, The Hex (Marti Belle & Allysin Kay) tag talk about being the NWA Tag Team Champions and more. You can check out highlights from the interview below:

The Hex on being NWA Women’s Tag Team Champions for almost a full year

Belle: Oh, it definitely is super, super special [almost reaching one full year as NWA Women’s Tag Team Champions]. When we formed this team, we didn’t know what our plans were. We kind of — we knew we wanted to work together and we knew we wanted to travel the world together. We just didn’t know how we were gonna do it, we just knew we were going to.

So to be holding these titles, you know, coming up close to a full year and successfully defending them as many times as we have, we’ve been fighting champions who’ve been defending them as often as possible. I dare say that we might be the ones who defend the NWA Titles in general the most so it has been pretty incredible and just an amazing experience to be able to do it with Allysin.Kay: Yeah, I feel — it’s so crazy to me that it has been almost a year because I swear EmPowerrr feels like it was three months ago. But then I remember three months ago, we were in Europe, so it’s all going so fast but I think that is because we’re actively defending them all over the world, literally. We just defended them in England. For the very first time, those titles were ever defended in Europe and that was a very exciting thing to do and so, I mean, we’re gonna have to have a special one-year anniversary in August.

The Hex reflect on their NWA departures in 2020, returning to the organization and now being tag champions:

Kay: I think it definitely speaks to — it’s a testament to not burn bridges, first and foremost. But yeah, I think it does say a lot that we both went our own ways, we parted ways with NWA, publicly and Billy [Corgan] was still like, ‘Hey, I still believe in you,’ you know? ‘We want you guys to come back’ and it definitely speaks a lot to our talent and our character.Belle: My mom has always been very adamant about things like that. She always says like, if you’re gonna — it makes a lot more sense in Spanish but like… if you’re leaving somewhere, you have to go out through the main door and that’s basically just, yeah, don’t burn a bridge. I guess — you don’t really say ‘burnt bridges’ in Spanish but that’s a nicer way of saying that, I think, you know, we both have known Billy for a very long time, since our time at IMPACT. I worked very, very closely with him at IMPACT.

That’s where I met him, because of The Dollhouse. So it’s a relationship that has been cultivated for ten years at this point almost. Yeah — uh, no, maybe like seven or eight years this relationship has cultivated and when we chose to leave the NWA, it was a decision that, you know, we weren’t sure what was gonna happen with the world of where things were gonna go so to see everything come back full circle, you know, you don’t burn bridges, you keep relationships and if people are good to you then you’re good to them back and I think that we are a very true testament of that right now.Kay: I did want to say just for the record, I just want to go on the record and say, I do think that some bridges deserved to get burned to the ground. Just for the record. Context, context is always important.

Marti Belle explains how she got invited to the first set of NWA Powerrr tapings. It happened after Allysin picked her as an opponent for a match, Billy Corgan was in attendance:

Belle: You know what’s interesting? Going back to what I said about ‘mentioning someone’s name,’ so before NWA Powerrr started, the last event before NWA Powerrr was that Chicago show, that Ring of Honor show and Allysin actually said my name. They asked her, ‘Who do you wanna face for your title at this show?’ And she said my name. She mentioned me and so, they were like, oh yeah, we’ll bring her in. Me and Allysin had literally faced each other once in singles competition before then so once again, she brought my name up.

Billy [Corgan] was there and I got to cut a promo. I got to do one in Spanish, I got to do one in English and kind of just talk about why the NWA is important to me and why this title is important to me and why being there is important to me and then, you know, a few weeks later, I got a call like, ‘Hey, we wanna invite you to the first season of Powerrr’ and so that was huge and who knows, maybe that would have happened, maybe they would have been interested in bringing me in because I had worked with Billy before but if it wasn’t for Allysin, you know, saying my name and me having that match in front of Billy, Billy seeing me wrestle.

He hadn’t seen me wrestle in like five years at that point so having Billy see me wrestle again and having Billy hear me cut a promo again, it sold him on me and so, we were able to come in and work together and I think we’ve shown that we can be great rivals but we are way better as a team and I think that we’re very happy that Billy also saw that and has wanted to run with it as much as we have and we’re just very excited about what the future holds for us as a team.

Allysin Kay looks back on her AEW Full Gear BUY-IN match versus Serena Deeb, says the reception was positive and Tony Khan told her several times how much he enjoyed the match:

Kay: My perception was that [it was a positive reaction to my match with Serena Deeb at AEW Full Gear]. I remember going to my Twitter after that match and it was blown up of course and I didn’t see one negative thing. Granted, they might have been saying bad things about me but I didn’t see one bad thing. I wasn’t vanity searching either. I will go on the record and say I don’t do that, I don’t have time for that, I’m busy. But you know, I looked at my mentions and they were all positive and I was like, what? I don’t know.

I’m just used to — when I was on IMPACT for example, you know there’s always people out there just saying terrible things and I feel like the girls in IMPACT get it so bad for some reason. Obviously, everyone does. I know the girls at AEW and WWE do as well but for some reason, sometimes I feel like the girls at IMPACT just get it so bad. So, with that being my experience, I was expecting, you know, some, just some negativity and I actually didn’t see any, so maybe I didn’t dig deep enough but I was like, oh, this seems really positive.

I remember Tony Khan, after my match, said, ‘Great match, happy birthday’ because that was my birthday weekend… and every time I saw him that night, he was like, ‘Great match, great match’ so, everyone that I talked to — I mean of course my close friends, they had critiques for me because that’s what I expect. I remember a couple people, I’m like, you know, give me some — I don’t wanna say ‘negative feedback’ but, give me a real critique. What could be better? And you know, my — the real ones know. They know that I just don’t want smoke blown up my ass but, as far as the overall reception, everybody seemed so positive and happy about it. So yeah, that’s all I can really say is it seemed positive.

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