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The History Of ECW 1999 As Told By Rob Van Dam – Check Out A Video Preview Inside Here



Kayfabe Commentaries has released Timeline: The History of ECW 1999 as Told by Rob Van Dam. Here is the description and video preview…

As ECW rounds the corner of the decade that made them, cracks in the facade deepen and the company’s challenges mount. But that’s largely invisible to the bloodthirsty fans than begin packing venues in cities new to ECW. The company seems to be spreading its wings, heading into new markets and acquiring national cable exposure on TNN. Only the insiders know the desperation with which such deals were made.

Rob Van Dam was busy making the TV Title a bigger attraction than any of ECW’s other belts, and popping crowds all over the country with his intense high-flying style.

Join Mr Monday Night as he takes us back to the end of the decade that turned wrestling around, giving it a new found edge. Head back through wrestling history with another entry in Timeline!

This is an incredibly special edition as you can get a special Signature Hardcore Edition of this show, which includes the Timeline interview, a Year in Review ECW disc with hours of angles and matches of licensed ECW footage from 1999, a unique Signature Edition cover and the Signature Edition replica disc autographed by RVD himself! 

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