The Identities Of The Stand-Ins Used For NXT TakeOver 31 Commentary, WWE Now


As many wrestling fans saw last night, WWE used stand-ins at the commentary booth at NXT TakeOver 31. Beth Phoenix and Wade Barrett were not at the Capital Wrestling Center for last night’s show and per the Local Competitor Twitter account, indie wrestlers Kai Douglas and Kaci Lennox served as physical stand-ins while Beth Phoenix and Wade Barrett worked remotely from home. Vic Joseph was in attendance live and at the commentary booth.

WWE’s stock closed at $39.22 on Monday, down $0.94 (2.34%) from the previous closing price. It has since jumped back up by $0.59 (1.5%) in after-hours trading. The market as a whole was up 0.03% on the day.

You can check out the latest edition of “WWE Now” below. This episode looks back at the NXT TakeOver 31 event:

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