​The Identity Of The Man Who Received A Wedgie On RAW, More


— The timekeeper who got a wedgie from Alicia Fox last night on
RAW was Berkley Ottman, the son of Fred “Typhoon/Shockmaster”

— As noted late last night here on the
website, the RAW dark match was Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena. It ended with the
Wyatt Family interfering for a DQ.

The show was not even close to a sellout.
The upper deck above hard camera side was curtained off.

WWE succeeded in turning the crowd against
Bray Wyatt. Messing with Jerry Lawler in Tennessee is still effective to draw
heat. Other than that, the crowd was deader than dead. Cena and Bryan got the
biggest pops. Hardly anything got this crowd excited. Cena even mentioned the
crowd wasn’t really excited during the dark segment.

Crowd members (not smart marks, dads with
their kids) were commenting on how poorly last night’s RAW was written. The
crowd did pop for Evolution and the Shield at the end with a This Is Awesome

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