The IInspiration Reveal What They Want To Do When They’re Done With Wrestling


During a recent appearance on “The Paltrocast”, The IInspiration’s Cassie Lee (Peyton Royce in WWE) revealed that the duo wants to get into acting after they are done with pro wrestling. She also said the two have both been taking acting classes individually. Lee said,

“Yes, Jess and I have both been taking acting classes individually now but for almost going on two years now. That is something that you can’t wrestle forever, you know, the body especially a woman’s body breaks out after a while, and Jess and I’ve been going at this for going on 13-14 years. Yes, In the long term, in the long run. I see myself in film and television into the old age. It’s a big passion of mine. I noticed budgets as well. So I am excited for us to pursue that avenue.“

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