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The Jeep Seen On RAW Was The Same One Used For The DX Invasion Of WCW



Many of you may recall the jeep Degeneration-X used for the WCW invasion back in 1998.

According to Sean “X-Pac” Waltman, the jeep the stablemates rode during the invasion was the same exact one that they drove into the arena on Monday night’s episode of RAW.

During an appearance on Wednesday’s episode of WWE’s ‘The Bump’, Waltman confirmed the faction used the same Jeep as the attempted invasion of WCW. He said,

“I don’t know if a lot of people that were watching the other night realized that that’s the actual Jeep that we invaded WCW in 20-some years ago.”

When Johnny Gargano questioned what would have happened if Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, who were in WCW at the time, would have opened the garage door, Waltman said,

“If it was Kevin and Scott, I think we would have all hugged each other, honestly. I can’t even imagine, like honestly. I guess we can. We can all imagine what would have happened. Thank god it didn’t [laughs].”

“I tell you what, when you get caught with your pants down in situations, it’s hard to think like that. Afterwards, it’s easy to look back and go, oh I should have done this. Well, I had to pull my pants up first.”

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