The Kliq Backstage At HOF (Pic) + Linda McMahon Financials


— Kevin Nash posted this photo of himself, Sean Waltman, Triple H and Shawn Michaels backstage at the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony.

— According to the Journal Enquirer, here is some new financial information regarding Linda McMahon, which were recently revealed due to her Senate run…

* Linda owns “as much as” $437,000 in investments in 15 Canadian companies that would benefit from the Keystone XL Pipeline that would stretch from Canada to Texas. These shares include shares in ConocoPhillips ranging from $15,001 to $50,000. ConocoPhillips has partnered with TransCanada Corp., which is the “sole owner of the Keystone project.”

* Due to this disclosure, questions have arisen whether McMahon’s recent pro-Pipeline stance is affected by her financial holdings. McMahon recently stated that the Pipeline would “create jobs” and is “vital to our national security to move away from dependence on nations that want to harm the United States.”

* Linda has also invested $317,000 in 12 energy, technology, and communications firms based in China and another “several hundred thousand dollars” in multinational firms based in Hong Kong and China. When asked about these holdings, McMahon asked for list of “specific companies you find problematic.”

* The findings were part of a 105-page financial disclosure that also revealed she and WWE CEO Vince McMahon jointly hold a “diversified portfolio of scores of stocks, bonds, and investments in hedge funds, mutual funds, and real estate worth as much as $319.3 million.”

* It was also disclosed that Vince and Linda took a hit anywhere between $5 and $25 million in 2010, which was during the global economic downturn.

* Linda McMahon owns shares in the publisher of Maxim Magazine, which are valued between $50,000 and $100,000.

* Linda’s biggest investment in China is in Baidu Inc., which is an Internet search company based in Beijing. Baidu is currently being sued by pro-democracy advocates in New York for censoring its online offerings.

* She also holds investments in multinational corporations with offices in China include Adobe Systems Inc., Apple Inc., Ericsson, Intel Corp., Microsoft Corp., and Oracle Corp.

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