The Latest Edition Of Pro Wrestling Syndicate TV, ROH Launching A New PPV Series In March


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— ROH will be launching a new PPV series in March. The series, titled “Creating Excellence,” will focus on the talents and feuds in the promotion. The debut edition will focus on the feud between The Young Bucks and reDragon. That will debut on March 1st, the same day as the 13th anniversary PPV. The series sounds as if it will be similar to the TNA Unfinished Business series, which focuses on “Best ofs” and feuds in the company. The TNA series is also one hour, and is currently priced (on my cable system) at $4.99. No word on what the ROH series will be priced at as of this writing. 

— Here is the latest episode of PWS TV, featuring RVD vs. AJ Styles and Mick Foley being named the GM…

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