The Latest Jesse Sorensen Update + Hogan Goes Bowling


— TNA star Jesse Sorensen posted the following on Twitter today‚Ķ It’s been 1 month since I broke my neck at TNA Against All Odds. Going today to get 1st X-Rays done since the accident. Staying #TexasTough The result of the x-ray will go a long way in determining Sorensen’s recovery time, which has been estimated to be anywhere from four months to a year.

— Hulk Hogan has been announced as a competitor in the Celebrity Bowler Contest. The contest is promoted by the International Bowling Hall of Fame, and Hogan is scheduled to face off with Britney Spears in the first round. Here is what the press release had to say about Hogan’s participation‚Ķ “Before Hulk Hogan was bodyslamming opponents and inspiring millions of children to eat their vegetables and take their vitamins, Hulkamania was running wild on the bowling lanes. In 1966, Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea) won the Tampa City Junior Doubles Bowling Title with future professional bowler Vic Pettit in 1966.”

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