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The Latest On Max Caster’s Status With AEW


According to multiple sources, AEW has suspended The Acclaimed’s Max Caster. The decision reportedly was made after the backlash from Caster’s most recent entrance rap on AEW Dark. Caster will reportedly be suspended “without pay” for two months and will be forced to undergo sensitivity training.

The rap that reportedly caused these issues featured references to Simone Biles’ mental health, as well as a joke about the Duke Lacrosse court case. The rap was edited out of the show after it initially aired. In the time since then, AEW’s President Tony Khan dubbed the rap as “terrible”.

Despite not confirming the report of Caster’s suspension, a report from Fightful Select has stated that,

“We’ve learned that as of Tuesday afternoon, Caster was still with AEW, but we were told his appearances were “on ice” as of that time, and sensitivity training has been discussed.”

It should also be noted that a source close to Shakiel Mahjouri of Cageside Seats has stated that the report of Caster’s suspension is not accurate. Taking to his Twitter account, Mahjouri said,

“A source tells me that reports of Max Caster suspended without pay are “absolutely” not true. I’m sure more seasoned wrestling reporters will have a clearer update soon… A reminder this is just one source. I’d normally wait for further clarification but thought it’s important for people to know there is conflicting info regarding this story”

Caster was initially set to appear on Tuesday’s episode of AEW Dark. However, The Acclaimed’s match was pulled from the show after initially being advertised.

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